Are you worried about missing out on the new winter clothing that has hit the shelves at Cooroy Country Wear and Jeanery, but want to adhere to the new social distancing measures.  We have listened and are providing our wonderful customers with their own Personal Shop Time.  Intended to provide customers with the security of personal space within the store, customers are able to book time slots for visits to try on the new range of clothing in safety.

Clothing that has been tried on will be secured for 24 hours and sprayed with Glen20 to ensure that it is safe for the next person to try.  Advice from medical professionals is that the virus doesn't live long on clothing (somewhere between a few hours and a day is the current assumption).  We would not be allowing anyone showing any symptoms into the store at any time.  We will be assisting the community where we can, while protecting ourselves and community members from this virus.

Follow this link to book your free Personal Shop Time