Kids Thermal Socks Twin Pack (Bright Pink/Lilac)

Size: Youth 3.5 - 8
Colour: Bright Pink/Lilac
Sale price$14.95


KIDS THERMAL SOCKS TWIN PACK Colour Code:734(Bright Pink/Lilac) Style Code:TCP7106SOC


Features: Sizes: Small/Junior (9 - 3), Large/Youth (3.5 - 8)
Made from a loop pile yarn designed to retain and regulate heat, elasticated support to hold the sock in place, non abrasive einforced smooth toe seam, durable and hard wearing - designed for boots
Fabric: 83% Acrylic, 15% Polyester, (Loop Pile Brushed)

Benefits: The warmest and comfiest socks you will wear.  Be Careful, you won't want to take them off.

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