Polarized lenses offer the most effective solution to glare reduction.
Polarized lenses reduce glare by filtering light and blocking ultra violet radiation from reaching the eye.
Polarized lenses are most commonly known as being effective in reducing reflective glare from water surface, however the same applies to glare originating from sand, bitumen or machinery surfaces.


Grey tinted lenses offer the most neutral light transmittal with negligible colour distortion. They are an excellent all purpose lens.
Brown tinted lenses are the most suited to land based activities, softening harsh light. They offer extended eye comfort and depth of perception.


Gidgee Eyewear lenses are made of the highest quality poly carbonate compound.
Poly carbonate lenses are perfectly suited to eyewear for action based activity with an ideal combination of strength and minimum weight.

All Gidgee eyewear complies with Australian standard AS/NZS 1067,2003 as well as the USA standard ANSI Z80.3 – 19721/2001.
Selected Gidgee eyewear lenses are treated with an anti static coating designed to repel dust and other air born material.


All Gidgee eyewear is tested to ensure compliance with Australian standards..
Use of Gidgee eyewear ensures compliance with the recommendations of both the Australian Cancer Council and the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency. In Australia there are over 200,000 new cases of skin cancer reported each year. Australia has high levels of ultra violet radiation (UVR) and we encourage everyone to develop an awareness of the daily readings of UVR available from www.arpansa.gov.au.


Eyewear frames are designed for maximum flexibility and minimum weight.
Gidgee eyewear frames are manufactured from premium quality TR90 which is a high grade nylon selected for its superior level of memory retention.
Eyewear styles are designed to maximize the benefits of TR90 and provide excellent coverage for a wide variety of face and nose shapes.Eyewear styles are designed to ensure they fit in conjunction with a wide variety of hats and headwear.


High grade rubber nosepads. Replaceable nose pads for adjustable fittings are available if required.


Designed in conjunction with professional and elite level competitive horse riders.
The lens interchange gives them options for lenses for competition, training, working and driving.
The Primary Lenses are polarised which eliminates reflective glare from sand arenas to Northern Territory Bitumen.
The secondary lenses offer great protection for all day wear in cloud conditions or for use in conjunction with wide brimmed hats that may also reduce light to the eyes but not offer UV protection.